Monday, August 07, 2006

School's Open!

The students returned today. It's always so fun to see them arrive with their new pencils, backpacks, and uniforms. They are eager and wide-eyed. This is the beauty of elementary age kids. They are literally vessels awaiting a refilling of sorts. They are ready to be filled with new books, thoughts, ideas, and problems to solve. It's up to us to be keenly aware of what each vessel needs.

It's a big task. And it's not easy. Staying aware of what kids need means being a "kid watcher". We have to know what they CAN do and where their deficiencies are. Then, we have to teach somewhere on the edge of that information. It has to be enough to stretch them while also affirming who they are and what they know. In my opinion, it's like a great balancing act. And to do it with 20+ kids at once is quite a feat.

Yet, it happens everyday in schools all around the world. I want to celebrate that. I know that each teacher who believes in the kids he or she teaches IS making a difference. And for that, I am grateful!!

Here's to a great school year!!