Saturday, September 03, 2011

Week 3 is approaching...

I have loved my first two weeks back in full time Kindergarten!  I have to say that one of the biggest blessings (above the sweet kids) are their parents!  I love it that I have parents who WANT to be involved in their child's education.  Actually, no child should have to "go it alone".  It's just that the years I've spent in Title I made me know that so many do!  Honestly, it's refreshing to be surrounded by supportive parents.

I always wondered about those teachers who didn't like incorporating the parents into the classroom ebb and flow.  I love it!  I feel like we're all on a team and it only makes the team stronger.

I'm looking forward to using my volunteers this year for some new things...blogging and creating presentations.  Should be great fun!

In the meantime, I blogged over at my classroom blog about our busy week.  Hop on over there and read some of the fun things we've been doing in our amazing "Learning Garden" this week!