Thursday, November 19, 2009

From the Files

While cleaning out some old files today, I found this little gem:

Has Anybody Seen My Brain?
(Sung to the tune of 5'2" Eyes of Blue)

Kill and drill, Empty skill
Dittoes, please I've had my fill
Has anybody seen my brain?

Row by row, I can't grow
Boy, this day is movin' slow
Has anybody seen my brain?

I want to spread my wings
Try new things
Use all seven smarts
Save this Earth, prove my worth
Come on teacher, have a heart!

Look at me, set me free
Teach my brain compatibly
I really want to find my---
Has anybody seen my---
Please teacher let me find my BRAIN!!

(Note: My notes indicate this is written by "Jean Spanko". I don't know who Jean is, but she sure had it right!)