Friday, August 24, 2007

A Reflection on the New School Year...

We have just finished the first week of school. As most of you probably already know, I work in a school that services some of our most needy students. And along with needy students, occasionally, come needy parents (or guardians). One of my "other" duties is Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up. Now I LOVE this part of my job! I get to talk to parents and grandparents every single day. And some I have connected with over the years. It also gives me a glimpse into their worlds. In some cases children are living in their cars. In others, their cars are chaotic reflections of what their homes must be.

This week, a few "truths" have popped back into my mind via my contact with parents and students:

They are NOT keeping their smartest kids at home!
No matter how chaotic and crazy their worlds seem, most really do care very deeply for their children.
For the most part, parents want what's best for their kids.
And they want them to achieve better and more than they did.
Many believe that their children act the same way at home that they do at school. While some do, some really don't.
It really takes time for those parents who live in a world of distrust everyday, to develop trust for school and educators.
Some really have very limited or NO resources to help their children with academics beyond the school day.
Some are downright scared to set foot on a school campus because they have horrible images of what school was for them.


No matter what world they come from or home life they lead, ALL parents and their children deserve to be taught by passionate and committed educators!

It's my dream that one day this will be true in every classroom across the country.

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