Sunday, March 20, 2011

Did You Know?

Highly effective teachers make incremental change throughout their career?  Usually this is includes collaborating with other peer professionals and administration with the intention to see student achievement gains.  Here are the hallmarks of this "Deliberate Practice":
* Continually self-assess and seek feedback on performance, particularly about  proficiency on the research based practices linked to student achievement

* Focus on "thin slices" - work on mastery of a small quantity of skills  each year rather than doing too much at one time..steady growth over time
* Identify areas of weakness and/or interest
* Select focus area for improvement..a research based practice that is of interest (I want to be able to do that) or where improvement is needed (I need to be able to do that)
* Determine current level of performance in focus area
* Set goal and time frame for improving performance
* Seek mentors in area where they are working
 These habits form a life-long learning process that results in continuous improvement,  quality collegial relationships, and higher student achievement.  Effective school leaders support teachers' efforts to engage in deliberate practice.

Excerpted from Florida School Leaders Website: 

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Mrs. Vincent said...

I love this! I often go to conferences or read things online and think of so many things I want to do better and then get overwhelmed. I love the idea of just continually trying to get a little bit better everyday, every month, every year. It's a good reminder that we can't do it all at once but at least doing something is better than nothing. Thanks for sharing this! :)