Friday, August 19, 2011

Before and After Classroom

OK, the classroom is (mostly) done!  I still have odds and ends to do and things to tighten up...but Meet Your Teacher was yesterday and it was pretty ready.  My "before picture" looked like this:

Now, that same shot looks like this:

Here's a quick tour around the room. Starting with our "welcome area".  This will be where kids sign in every day.  

Here's the Behavior Chart and Rules that I've been seeing all over the Internet.  I love it and tweaked it with my own graphics to match our "Learning Garden" Theme. 
Unfortunately, I can't remember the links for the GREAT teachers that shared these two tidbits.  I found both while blog surfing this summer.  And I tweaked them a bit with my own clipart. If you know the link, please add it and I'll add it to this post.  Otherwise, I'll dig through my stuff and find them to give credit where credit is due.  
And, in my opinion, the MOST important part of any classroom is the well-stocked Classroom Library.  Here it is for now.  I need to fix up the basket labels and I REALLY want to put that Learning Garden Tree in the I'm hoping to find some artists in my group of parents who can help us get that done.  
 More updates later.  

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